Mistakes Men Make the Most When Wearing Suits

The saying “dress how you want to be addressed” has a lot of truth to it. If you want to be addressed with respect and you want to command attention, then you have to be dressed in a way that will command the attention of any and everybody you come across. As a man who is a part of the official suit, you definitely have one or more suits in your closet which you wear whenever the need to arises. Did you know, however, that something as simple as wearing a suit has rules and guidelines?

Many men do not know this and end up making many mistakes when wearing their suits. These mistakes may be little and minimal, but some other cannot just be overlooked. Once you commit any of these mistakes, your entire appearance will be marred and people will not take you as seriously as you want to be taken.

In this article, you’ll be given a rundown of the most common mistakes men make while wearing a suit. We hope that when you have this information, you’ll be able to stay away from them and dress sharply every day. These mistakes include:

  1. Wearing a suit that doesn’t fit: This has to be the most common and recurrent mistakes made by men. If you come across a suit that doesn’t fill you like a second skin, don’t buy it, and don’t use it. It should not be too small, or too big. If you happen to experience some weight loss or weight gain, get the suit resized. Never go to work or to any official occasion with a baggy suit.
  2. Having their ties too long or too short: Some men make the mistake of knotting their ties too long or too short. The perfect length is right on the level of your belt line. It should not stop above it or go below it.
  3. Blunders with Buttons: When wearing a suit with a lot of buttons, always make sure you leave the last button unbuttoned. A lot of men overlook this detail and actually button up all the buttons of their jackets or waistcoats. No matter what you’re wearing, you should always leave the bottom button unfastened, if you’re wearing a single-buttoned piece, however, make sure it’s buttoned.
  4. Wearing a trouser that’s too long: This is another common mistake men make. If the trouser you wear with the jacket is too long, it completely ruins the ensemble. Make sure your trousers stop just at the top of your laces.
  5. Not paying enough attention to the tie: The tie is a very important part of the total outfit, and many men underestimate its importance. Make sure the thinner or inner part of the tie is always shorter than the outer or wider part of the tie. Also, the tie color should never overwhelm the shirt color.

Now that you know what these mistakes are and how to avoid them, it’s time to go out into the world looking amazing and dapper every single time.

Article source: https://www.ties-online.com

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