Black Suit, White Shirt and Red Tie Ideas

There are many occasions in a man’s life that require him to put on a suit, shirt, and tie. These occasions include but are not limited to work, important official meetings, weddings, funerals, graduation, and promotion parties. When it comes to picking out outfits to wear to these occasions, the colors of the tie and shirt you choose to wear with your black suit matter a lot.

With a color like white for a shirt option when going out for formal/official purposes, you can never go wrong. White, like black, is a neutral and universal color in the world of fashion. The both of them can be worn together and be worn with any other color, shade, or pattern to make an amazing pattern. When accessorizing your outfit (apart from the tie), be sure that the shoes and belt match. This means that whatever color your shoes are, your belt should be the same color – wear a brown belt with brown shoes and so on.

One of the best colors to pair with black and white is red. Red is an amazing color that’s a fashion staple and classic. You can never go wrong with red, as it adds a pop of color to your overall look. There are some amazing red ties you can get to pair with your black suit and white shirt and wear to almost any occasion.

These red ties include:

 Red Satin Silk Tie

This normal-width red satin silk tie is amazing and very attractive. The material – satin silk – is just very classy and oozes of sophistication. It’s plain colored and would look great at any occasion. The bright red grabs the attention of your audience so you can wear it to a TV show, for a presentation, and for public speeches.

Red with Multi Coloured Pin Dots Silk Tie

This patterned Multi coloured Pin Dots Silk Tie is red with multicoloured polka dots. It’s very attractive and adds a dash of playfulness to your outfit. It is great to wear on a day to work, or to a cocktail party.

Red Ground Tonal Paisley Luxury Silk Tie

Paisley ties are classy, fashionable, and attractive. They are very sophisticated and an amazing addition to your wardrobe. You can never wrong with paisley ties, and this red one will do wonders for you. If you’re going to a wedding, to work, a cocktail party, or for an important meeting, this red paisley tie is the one for you.


Light Blue and White Stripes on Red Ground Silk Tie

Striped styles have been in vogue for a long time and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. This diagonaldiagonally tie is perfect for work and other official settings. It can also be worn to interviews, presentations, and meetings. It’s stylish, fashionable, and very attractive. It will be a great addition to any man’s wardrobe.


Do yourself a favor today and get one or more of the red ties discussed above. Other amazing red tie options can be found here.

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